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yeah i watched it like a week after it happened but whatever im happy tha fred won yah i fogot to metion i like fred most of you probably hate him but you know i teink hes funny but again whatever Cya!


2009-08-12 16:50:52 by ricknash

Im finally bck so you might see new music here soon.I am also thinkig about oraganizing a stick figure fight collab like Come Back Collab with some of the same animators.I am really looking forward to getting Terkoiz1.He is one of the best animators on newgrounds.So ill see you soon!Thnks -RickNash


2009-03-20 20:38:12 by ricknash

Amazing new song i just released called soaring so song ever!!!!!!!

Brand New

2009-03-16 16:54:12 by ricknash

New song out now called Right Choice (Full Version).Great song thanks.

Music now Movies?

2009-03-11 15:39:43 by ricknash

Right now I am making some deals with BIOHAZARD production Company to make a halo3 macinama.


2009-02-03 20:38:17 by ricknash

I'm making a new album that starts with keep the beat the demo and more are coming.

I'm back

2009-01-18 16:51:38 by ricknash

Sorry I haven't been working on much music lately but I will soon.


2009-01-01 14:56:23 by ricknash

Remeber all the good songs and games you have heard and played.And more music is on the way.The best way to contact me would be my website,or my e-mail.

There's more!!!

2008-12-28 15:51:59 by ricknash

Theres more music on the way.I will hopfully finsh the crazy beat song and make some new demos and full songs.If your wondering what software i use it's Magix Music Maker 12 Deluxe.Most of my songs are probally going to be trance but i'm experimenting with some rock music.Well anyway like I said more music on the way. See ya round!

New Songs!

2008-12-27 18:27:57 by ricknash

I made some new songs and a demo of a new song im going to make.Wonder if I have any fans yet.Most likely I don't so Ii'm probably just typing for no good reason.But anyway see ya round.